King's Lock Unlocked: Beyond The Barrel
King's Lock Unlocked: Beyond The Barrel
King's Lock Unlocked: Beyond The Barrel
King's Lock Unlocked: Beyond The Barrel
King's Lock Unlocked: Beyond The Barrel
King's Lock Unlocked: Beyond The Barrel

King's Lock Unlocked: Beyond The Barrel

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 Join our distillers for a seminar about aged spirits and some of our unique techniques as Ontario's first organic distillery. You'll get to experience a guided tasting of some of our most limited, specialty spirits right out of the barrel! Some like sneak peaks, we prefer sneak drinks. Come taste our most anticipated unreleased spirits with us!


If you are a fan of King’s Lock, a connoisseur of aged artisanal spirits, or just curious and excited to be part of our story; this event is not to be missed.  If you have questions reach out to us on our socials or call the shop!   These limited tickets are available through our online store or in the shop.



For admission you will enjoy a 1 hour tasting and tour of our organic distillery, join in on a discussion regarding the process of barrel aging, watch our distillers tap  and reseal our reclaimed barrels using heritage organic techniques, and partake in a test tasting flight lead by the distiller of five of King’s Lock iconic and unreleased spirits:


Early Organic Rum (1 year aged alongs its journey)
Nearly Aged Organic Rum (2 – 3 years aged along its journey)
Organic Ontario 3 Year Rye (release 2023) (2 years aged along its journey)

 How about two new (but not-so-new) spirits having a limited release this winter!?

Buckwheat Whisky (1 and 3/4 years aged so far)
Laura’s 5 Year Organic Rum (5 years aged so far)


Event attendees will be given exclusive access to our pre-order list for these extremely limited releases.

All tastings will occur  at 5 Newport Drive, please meet our distiller in our bottle shop who will guide you into our production and barrel towers. We only have 10 tickets available per time slot so we highly encourage ordering online or by phone prior the event to guarantee your place. 





Jeff has been with King's Lock since 2020, he is a graduate of the Niagara College Artisan Distilling Program. Previous to us, Jeff was head mixologist at the prestigious St. Regis Hotel's Louix Louis Cocktail Bar. Making cocktails for the stars, his keen taste and insatiable search for the perfect spirit led to him becoming a distiller. Aren't we the luckier for it?

Rob and Laura are always around either the distillery or the family farm! Having started the dream in 2015 as organic farmers, their love of sustainable grain-to-glass ethics lead to opening Ontario’s first and only certified Organic Distillery! Not only are most of our spirits organic, they are also gluten free and certified kosher.  Farming many of our ingredients on the family farm, Rob and Laura treat everyone that comes to the distillery as family. Welcome to the table!