About us

At King’s Lock Craft Distillery we are passionate about making organic local spirits.

We pride ourselves on creating the small pleasures in life, that is why 
our PHILOSOPHY is "Live life in small batches".
Our CONCEPT was to build a business based on producing spirits that
had a minimal environmental impact. "Organic | Local | Sustainable!"
Our LOCATION – which is located in the historical town of Johnstown,
was chosen due to the areas tales of the legendary
St. Lawrence River.
Our SPIRITS – We handcraft all our spirits with care using local
and organic ingredients. Our distillers use a process and technique
which enhances our spirits with the unique balance and essence
of our fine flavours.

Rob and Laura are the founders of King’s Lock Craft Distillery. We created the company on the basis that distilling spirits in small batches in a pot still creates a spirit that has more body, flavor and less conjugers than other methods. 

Our team has more then a decade experience distilling spirits. Using a variety of resources they have created many different spirits and plans for many more. 

We chose to use organic ingredients, as we believe that it is a more sustainable method of farming and use of land. We have designed our processes to leverage reuse of suitable pieces of equipment as well as methods to conserve power, water and gas. 

In addition, our team has more then twenty five years in business and project management helping us to start our business with one of the largest production capacities in the province. We have the capacity to offer contract manufacturing and consulting for others interested in distilling. 

KLCD is dedicated to sustainable and green principles. We endeavor to minimize our energy consumption, garbage production and resource utilization. We realize that a process such as ours will need inputs we also believe striving to conserve creates the best environment for achieving such goals. To help us achieve our goals we also use only Bullfrog power and gas. Bullfrog uses only renewable energy sources in their commitment to green energy. 
We implement water recycling, as water is a main resource in our process. In addition, we use only LED low consumption lighting when necessary.  We are also pursuing solar powered hot water and an inground tank for cooling water. 
Lastly, we have been recycling all our grain mash. Distillers grains are high in protein and can be used as cattle feed, fertilizer in field, dog treats, etc.



King's Lock is thrilled to announce the we received 4 medals at the 2018 Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition and 2 at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirit Competition!

We believe in handcrafted, double distilling and small batch. We know that the time and effort make a quality product and we think you will agree!

Our Winners -

Canada's Whiskyjack Rye - GOLD (Canada), BRONZE (San Francisco), Silver (San Francisco)

1000 Island Moonshine - SILVER (Canada), SILVER (San Francisco), 2017 BRONZE at International Spirit Challenge (London, England)

Prescott White Rye - SILVER (Canada)

Von Schoultz Vodka - BRONZE (Canada)

Winter Gin - Bronze (Canada)Silver (San Francisco)

Smugglers Gold Rum - Silver (Canada), Bronze (Canada), Silver (San Francisco) 


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613 704 2529