Creating life’s small pleasures one bottle at a time.

Our family-owned and operated distillery was the first certified Organic distillery in Ontario – and we’re certified kosher. We guarantee the quality of our spirits because we distill from scratch in-house, using locally sourced grains for the majority of our products.

  • Organic

    King’s Lock spirits are all handcrafted in small batches using local and organic ingredients. We are 100% Canadian-made and use certified Organic grains from our local farmers to distill our spirits.

  • Local

    We only use grain produced by organic farmers in Eastern Ontario, keeping our spirits ultra local and carbon footprint small.

  • Sustainable

    Our Distillery is dedicated to sustainable and green principles. We endeavor to minimize our energy consumption, waste production, and resource utilization.

About Our Owners

We’re Rob and Laura, the founders of King’s Lock Craft Distillery. We created our company on the basis that distilling spirits in small batches results in more body, flavour, and less congeners than other methods.Our team has more than a decade of experience distilling spirits. We’ve crafted our award-winning staples, but we’re continually experimenting with new combinations so we can expand our offerings and surprise you with seasonal treats.In addition, our team has more than twenty-five years in business and project management, helping us to start our business with one of the largest production capacities in the province. We have the capacity to offer contract manufacturing and consulting for others interested in distilling.

About Our Distiller

I’m Jeff, distiller here at King’s Lock Craft Distillery. I joined the company in 2020 and have since been exploring all the spirits possible, working with the products of the family farm and the incredible machinery at the distillery.After years behind bars in Toronto and learning to distill in Niagara-on-the-Lake, I have two goals in my time at King’s Lock: to showcase the incredible flavours of the terroir and traditions of the Ontario landscape, and to offer an upgrade to the at-home cocktail experience for everyone out here in Ontario. Come and try some of my experimental Distiller’s Choice series, the “still-in-progress” recipes that you can try and explore as I refine final recipes!

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